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PT Studios 3D manipulations by Brad Baker X-FX
Everything below was created for transferring to film, video or slide. The chosen medium will be projected on to foam core board cut out in the shape of the image for a 3D effect. GenArt produced Chrysler's PT Studios closing event at the Hollywood Palace, (now Avalon) on Thursday Feb 20th 2003.

you can CLICK EACH IMAGE to open in full size in a new window.

the orginal pt studios logo
The original supplied jpeg.

brad baker x-fx wireframe manipulation
I created a wireframe from each individual part seen here as a whole.

brad baker x-fx 3D manipulation
Then various textures were added and lighting to create the final 3D image.

And finally the image was animated with a globe in the middle and dancing figures on top. The high quality original was transferred to a 16mm film loop that would repeat all night long. A short DVD that loops could also have been made. Here you see only a small gif, but you can click it to see a better quicktime version.
watch the animation
Watch the Quicktime animation
(236kb size=320x240)

Didn't work? download a current version of Quicktime here.

see some installation photos
See photos of past installations
that have integrated such images or animations.
A high resolution 35mm film slide can be made from a single frame. Also the animation can be transferred to a 16mm film loop which plays all night long. Finally it can be presented with video or data projection. All these methods are popular and look great.