Brad Baker Backstage at the Grammy Awards

    Cruising around backstage during the Grammy Awards felt funny because most people were excited to be at the show and here I was  floating around like a ghost.  In and out of every interview and photo press room the celebrities were all in attendance and there I was kind of indifferent.  I was aquainted with some and others I had clue about due to a lack of MTV and not listening to top 40 radio.
    The real party began afterward just down the street at the Restaurant Secaeda.  Out front was the standard red carpet and uber security. Universal was honoring its artists and friends.  In the doorway I bumped heads with U2's "the Edge", we laughed at the memory of wild hollywood nights at the legendary afterhours Insomnia 10 years earlier.  "Macy Gray" and friends were dressed extra funky fresh, and while talking to her she started singing to me, and then I joined in but never knew what song it was.  My friend "Sunshine" jumped in to the arms of "Snoop Dog" and naturally I followed with a picture.  Time for a snack, "Beck" and his brother checked out the dessert table but ran away feeling a little imposed upon by some big cameras flashing away behind us, at first I thought it was a girl, who knew it was "Beck"?  "Hugh Hefner" came through with a bevy of bunnies, I came that close to leaving with 2 of them. Not!  It was nice to Reunite again with "Moby" after touring in what was the first American rave tour (along with the Prodigy)  Also I walked down memory lane with "Paul Stanley" of KISS, we had met in Germany during a video awards show.  "Winona Ryder" was just chillin in the smoking area.  Also in attendance: "Kid Rock", "Bryan Adams", "BB King", "Bon Jovi", "Pat Boone", "Boys 2 Men", "Sheryl Crowe", "Dr. Dre", "Eminen", "Elton John", and the members of Limp Bisquit.

    Next, the Biltmore Hotel was rocking with live stages and dancefloors all over the building.  They even had a "Grammy Underground" with "DJ Marques Wyatt" in the basement.  Woven among the 6,000+ guests, many stars were in attendance.  By now it is already 2am and the drinks were pulled, where is the afterhours?

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